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Portal Tamers is an adventure RPG that invites players into the life of Luna, a naive and innocent farm girl who lives a calm, quiet life in the Iridescent Mountains of her home planet Pendoth along with her best friend Luxios. Life for Luna is uneventful until calamity strikes and Luna is given magic abilities that allow her to summon monsters from beyond the magic portals. Using their incredible power, she must fight the evil of the shadowy force known as "The Abyss" or her world will be lost to it's corruption. Can Luna stop the darkness before it's too late?

The world of Portal Tamers is filled with beautiful lands of varying climates, incredible creatures known as portal monsters and a vast amount of NPCs with a wide array of stories.

The game puts heavy emphasis on telling a complex story of interwoven destinies and prophecies. It looks to give every player an emotional ride alongside each of their favorite characters throughout the game. 

In Portal Tamers players should expect a roller-coaster of theories and ideas that make you question, who is really good and who is really bad?

About the dev

Portal Tamers is developed by Crystal Sciarrino aka Skyreach Studio, a solo indie dev based in Baltimore, Maryland.


Crystal is a disabled veteran and mother who wanted to show the world and her children that anything is possible if you just put your heart in it. She is a passion driven dev and is currently a student studying Computer Science.


Features in portal tamers

  • Beautiful stylized worlds and characters with heavy anime and cartoon influences

  • Real time fighting with a challenging and unique play style inspired by games like Dark Souls

  • Adorable creatures each with their own set of abilities, lore and skill tree

  • Character-driven story line that follows Luna and her journey to save her home planet Pendoth

  • Beautiful soundtrack by Simon Ton



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